Woman Lost 62 Pounds With Walking

success-storyThis is an inspired health story for people who try to lose their weight. How to reduce weight from 200 pounds to 135 pounds. Sara Johnson is a mom who gave birth to her second child—and faced the fact that she weighed 200 pounds, three years ago. To become great mother for her children she need to get in shape. She shares the tips to achieve it.

Sara began with a simple plan to walk an hour a day, four days a week after setting her goal weight at 140 pounds. For healthy eating she just simply cut out “anything that comes in a box,” including TV dinners, cookies, and crackers. She filled up on baked chicken, grilled fish, vegetables, and couscous. Sara’s favorite trick? She trades salad dressing for a pinch of garlic salt.

Just nine months later, Sara exceeded her goal—she now weighs 135 pounds.

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