When You Need Extra Vitamins?

vitamin-extraThe body will suffer from deficiency if lack of certain vitamins and minerals. Before you find the signs, you are already in the line of vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Many adults experience it, especially vitamin B12 which causes anemia. Here is few early sign when you need extra vitamins :

1. Rarely eat fresh fruits and vegetables
Fruits and vegetables are the best natural sources of vitamins and minerals
2. Convalescent or surgery
At that time you do not want to eat, but you need vitamins and minerals to accelerate healing
3. Have a chronic illness such as asthma and diabetes
Vitamin and mineral deficiencies may cause the disease worse. Many asthma patients suffer from magnesium deficiency, while diabetes patient experience deficiency of vitamin C. Chronic diseases alter the body absorb and use vitamins and minerals.
4. Pregnant or breastfeeding
You need extra vitamins and minerals because you give some of it for the baby.
5. Depressed
When stressed, your eating habit uncontrolled. It can make depression getting worse because the body lack of vitamin and mineral.
6. Smoking
Smoking can decrease vitamins, especially vitamin C.
7. Drinking alcohol
People who drink alcohol too much are at the threshold of vitamin and mineral deficiencies, particularly vitamin B.

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