Vitamin E Deficiency, Causes and Signs

vitamin-EVitamin E deficiency in the long term can cause nerve damage, especially the nerves in the spine. Sometimes it can also cause damage in the eye retina according to The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Vitamins and Minerals Books. Vitamin E deficiency should be rare, because almost all people get the intake of 7-11 mg of vitamin E from daily food. But many people in U.S are carrying a minor vitamin E deficiency although they eat enough and wealthy.

Besides imbalance daily food intake, vitamin E deficiency can also be caused by medical conditions such as:

1. Liver disease
Patients with liver disease can not use vitamin E with the right.
2. Suffer from Chron’s disease
Patients with this disease can not absorb enough vitamin E through the intestines.
3. Suffering from cystic fibrosis
People with this disease can not digest fat well, so it can not absorb enough vitamin E.
4. Drinking certain drugs
Drinking cholesterol-lowering drugs can reduce the absorption of vitamin E and other fat-soluble vitamins.
5. Take a low fat and calorie diet
The lack of fat in the body can affect the supply of vitamin E since it kind of fat-soluble vitamins. We need a little fat to absorb vitamin E.

Vitamin E Deficiency Signs
The signs that our body need extra vitamin E are slow wound heal process, varicose veins, body easily bruised, lack of sex drive, infertility and loss of muscle strength.

Vitamin E Source
Vitamin E is found in the following foods: Wheat germ, Corn, Nuts, Seeds, Olives, Spinach and other green leafy vegetables, Asparagus, Vegetable oils (corn, sunflower, soybean, cottonseed)

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