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10 Habits For Weight Loss

Weight control is all about how your lifestyle. If you have bad lifestyle, then you will have to fight with excessive weight all the time. You just need to make a small changes to achieve a balance body weight. Kathleen M. Zelman, MPH, RD, LD give advice about 10 habits that can help you lose […]

Benefits of Extra Sleeping on Weekends

When you wake up on Monday but was not fit and lack of concentration, maybe you do not get enough sleep on the weekends. Extra sleep on weekends contribute to improve brain performance during the next week. A health study which is publised on Sleep Journal concluded that people who sleep more on weekends has […]

10 Tips To Improve Your Brain Power

As scientists show that a weekend lie-in gives an important improvement to brain power, Here is 10 other factors which may help improve your intellect which is explained by Chris Buscombe 1. Exercise Scientists continue to find new evidence which points to a link between physical and mental health. A Cambridge University study suggested that […]

Diet With Water And Fruit

Water has large benefits for our body such as against toxins in the body, preventing dehydration, filling nutrients and oxygen that body needs to function optimally. Even plain water can help your diet program to lose weight. The more frequent you drinking water, the less you fell hunger because your stomach has been filled. But […]