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Lose Weight with Three Cups of Green Tea a Day

Tea is good drink for people who want reduce their excessive weight. Three cups of green tea a day could keep obesity at bay even if you keep eating junk food. Research shows the tea helps the pounds melt away, even while still eating junk food. Spearole Tea, a blend of green tea, spearmint, grape […]

Best Diet Method : Low Calorie or Low Carbo?

We often hear that low calorie diet is more effective for weight loss. But there is another popular method to control body weight named low-carbohydrate diets. If you are confuse which one is better and suit with your need, here explanation from Dr. Janet Bond Brill, fitness consultant and nutritionist. He explain that there are […]

Cheap Five Healthiest Foods

Eating healthy food not always spend much money. You can get healthy food at low cost too. Here are nutritional heavyweights for less than $3. 1. Frozen mixed vegetables Add these low-calorie, fill-you-up, vitamin-rich gems to stews, soups, or pasta. Or serve them on the side, tossed with a little olive oil, salt, and pepper. […]

How Much Calories Burned in 1 Hour Exercise for Weight Loss?

The important part of weight-loss or weight-maintenance program is keeping active to burn more calories. You lose weight loss, when you burn more calories than you consume. To helps boost your weight loss, you need exercise regularly. Exercise will keep maintaining your weight and not regaining weight. Here are recommends from Department of Health and […]