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Walking for Weight Loss

Walking might be able to help you lose weight, depending on the its duration and intensity and also what your diet’s like. But consuming fewer calories through dietary changes seems to aid weight loss more effectively than does exercise and physical activity. It’s not mean that physical activity such as walking not important for weight […]

3 Ways To Make Exercise Less Boring

Sometimes you’re really dread going to the gym. The thought of exercising makes you about as excited as you’ll go for a dentist appointment. If you’re doing it right, exercise is hard work. Most people will agree that exercise isn’t easy, but it isn’t supposed to be torture. Here are the tricks to make your […]

How Much Calories Burned in 1 Hour Exercise for Weight Loss?

The important part of weight-loss or weight-maintenance program is keeping active to burn more calories. You lose weight loss, when you burn more calories than you consume. To helps boost your weight loss, you need exercise regularly. Exercise will keep maintaining your weight and not regaining weight. Here are recommends from Department of Health and […]

Running Tracker with GPS and Heart Rate Monitor

If you like running and need some device to track your performance and analyze it then Garmin Forerunner 305 great device to do it. The Forerunner 305 is the most accurate, most reliable wrist-mounted performance and GPS tracking tool ever tested. The runner watch  includes wireless heart rate monitoring and it can also be connected […]