Swaiso – Simple Exercise For Your Health

swaiso simple exerciseHave you ever feel too lazy to exercise? But you want to keep your body health? Well, There is a good solution for your problem, try Swaiso. Yes, Swaiso is simple exercise with great advantage for your health. This exercise originally comes from china. It’s easy to do, just swing the arms back and forth with the feeling of throwing out the evil energy. Swaiso can remove many health problems like Cancer, B.P., Diabetes, Stomach, and Arthritis.

Here is the How to do Swaiso:
1. Stand firmly on the ground with legs and torso straight. Spread the feet to shoulder width and feel the toes slightly gripping the earth. This exercise is best done bare-foot.
2. Swing both arms backward and forward together using force on the backward swing and allowing the hands to come forward by their inertia. The elbows should be kept straight and the palms facing down. The eyes should be focused straight ahead and allow the mind to be empty by counting silently.
3. Begin the first session with swinging for just about a hundred times and gradually increase the number to a thousand per day, in two sessions, for healing purpose.

For better understanding you can see the video about swaiso on YouTube. Check at last minute of video to see swaiso demonstration.

What do you think with Swaiso, is there any simple exercise than Swaiso? 😉

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