Running Tracker with GPS and Heart Rate Monitor

Garmin Forefunner 305 with GPSIf you like running and need some device to track your performance and analyze it then Garmin Forerunner 305 great device to do it. The Forerunner 305 is the most accurate, most reliable wrist-mounted performance and GPS tracking tool ever tested. The runner watch  includes wireless heart rate monitoring and it can also be connected to Garmin’s wireless bicycle speed and cadence sensor.

The 305 is first and foremost a training tool, and its ability to organize a ton of data types into a user experience that is intuitive and simple is no small feat. The heart and soul of the 305 can be found on the data screens, which give you real-time information about all aspects of your workout. In fact, the 305 can display a dizzying array of data, such as calories burned, distance, elevation, grade, and heading, as well as multiple lap and pace modes. The 305 adds the ability to track heart rate, lap heartrate, average heart rate, and heartrate zones via the included coded heartrate chest strap. With the purchase of a separate wireless cadence and speed meter, you can also track bike performance data.

Features :

  • High-Sensitivity, Watch-Like GPS Receiver That Provides Exceptional Signal Reception
  • 1 Piece Training Assistant That Provides Athletes With Precise Speed, Distance & Pace Data
  • Includes Training Center Software, Which Allows Users To Download Workout Data For A Detailed Analysis
  • Used For Multiple Sports Such As Cycling, Cross- Country Skiing & Windsurfing
  • Data Acquired May Also Be Analyzed With Motion based, Which Provides Online Mapping & Route Sharing

Garmin Forerunner 305 price is $156.01 at Amazon.

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