Healthy Tips: 4 Steps to Keep Your Colon Health Naturally

Keep Your Colon HealthHow to keep your colon healthy? Well, I hope these healthy tips below will help you.

1. Drink Water

First, make drink fresh water as your habit. Water is critically important for every bodily function and for detoxification. Lack of water can cause many problems especially over time.

Headaches, constipation, high blood pressure to name a few. For instance, what many don’t realize is that our blood gets thicker as we dehydrate which in turn increases our blood pressure (it’s harder to pump mud than water. 2 quarts a day is an absolute minimum.

Secret: Put a container on the counter in the morning and be SURE it is gone before you go to bed.

2. Fresh fruits and Vegetables

Feed your body with natural food. We are meant to have FIBER, natural ENZYMES and raw state (fruits & vegetables. Supply your body’s needs from the fresh and natural food.

Eat some raw fruit and raw (or lightly steamed vegetables all in one day! Be sure, if you can, to use organically grown food as they have more nutritional content and are NOT sprayed with poison as conventionally grown food is. When we consume natural foods and follow a more natural way of living, the bowel always responds!

3. Avoid Stress

We all have stress but if you take 1 minute to stop and think about your situation, you could probably remove at least 1 stress factor in your life. Write down now the one that just came to mind.

It is a psychological FACT that over 90% of what we fear does not happen. Take 30 minutes a day and relax! Do it just for you. Get some relaxation tapes and listen to the ocean waves and START to imagine you on the vacation of our life. (And don’t be surprised if one day you get that vacation.

4. Exercise

Exercise moves the lymphatic system, helps rid us of stress, makes us happier (releasing hormones called endorphins, makes us sleep better and helps move our bowels.

That’s the tips to keep your colon health. And the last is when you have to go, you HAVE to go! If you think “holding it” is ok, even uncomfortable, you’re dead wrong! Holding back bowel movements is what causes diverticulitis bowel pockets to form in the lower segment of the colon. These bowel pockets “trap” feces.

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