Diet With Water And Fruit

watermelonWater has large benefits for our body such as against toxins in the body, preventing dehydration, filling nutrients and oxygen that body needs to function optimally. Even plain water can help your diet program to lose weight. The more frequent you drinking water, the less you fell hunger because your stomach has been filled. But don’t drink it too much. Excessive drinking in a day can affect to kidneys. Give time for the body to filter the water that comes in, before you fill it again.

To lose weight you need to set proper fluid intake, follow these guide :

Drinking Before Eating
Before dining with simple servings, drink one glass of water to reduce hunger. A full stomach will reduce the portion of food. If you eat a large meal, drink water between meals occasionally. Water intake will reduce your desire to continue eating.

For weight loss purpose, reduce and replace soda with water. It will reduce sugar levels and prevent you from dehydration. Your body metabolism will work maximum when the body does not dehydrate. Good metabolism means burn fat faster. Enough fluids intake also helps the body absorb nutrients more optimal.

Combine with fruit
In addition to water, consume foods that containing water. so, you don’t need to be constantly drinking water. Watermelon, apples and pears are example of fruits that contain lots of water. Fruits can also help reduce desire to eat between meals.

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