Burning Fat for Your Weight Loss with Fun Activities

There are many weight loss program offered by many advertisement. Sometimes they use bombastic message to persuade you to use their product or their weight loss clinic. Usually they will give fast solution for your weight loss problem. Let me tell you, you can burn your fat with activities with low cost and most important you can do it with fun. No more boringness anymore.

I will share few fun activities that will help you to reach your weight-loss goals. Before that, the number of calories that you will burn during a certain activity depends on your overall weight. A 220-pound man playing a round of cricket will burn more calories than a 120-pound woman playing the same game for the same amount of time. So here is the estimated number of calories that you will burn based on different average weights.

Taking part in the listed activities for 30 minutes will burn the listed number of calories:

220 pounds – 224 calories 120 pounds – 120 calories

Hacky Sack
120 pounds – 108 calories 220 pounds – 199 calories

220 pounds – 249 calories 120 pounds – 136 calories

120 pounds – 190 calories 220 pounds – 349 calories

Swimming – leisurely
220 pounds – 299 calories 120 pounds – 163 calories

Horseback riding – galloping
220 pounds – 399 calories 120 pounds – 217 calories

As you can see, the exercise above are actually quite fun and it will burn your calories. All of them will help you meet your goals of losing weight when combined with a sensible diet. You can lose weight quickly, and you can have fun while doing it. In terms of fast weight loss, sometimes it is the everyday activities they really pack a punch to help you lose your weight.

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