Best Diet Method : Low Calorie or Low Carbo?

low-carbohydrate-dietWe often hear that low calorie diet is more effective for weight loss. But there is another popular method to control body weight named low-carbohydrate diets. If you are confuse which one is better and suit with your need, here explanation from Dr. Janet Bond Brill, fitness consultant and nutritionist. He explain that there are four things to consider before you choose weight loss method above.

1. Carbo diet lowered blood sugar levels

Those who choose a diet low carbo, will limit or completely avoid the intake of foods such as bread, rice, starchy vegetables (like potatoes and carrots), and fruits. In other words, people who adopted this carbo diet tend to eat a high protein and fat food.

The principle of the low carbo dietary actually how to control blood sugar levels. Carbohydrates increase blood sugar levels thus causing release of insulin. This condition makes the fat more difficult to resolve. Carbo diet supporter say that reduce carbohydrate intake will result low blood sugar levels and lower insulin secretion. And then the body will break down the fat to provide energy. The more fat convert to energy mean weight loss.

2. Low dietary carbo not a long term solution
Low dietary carbo popular because of its ability to give quick results. When we drastically change what we usually eat, even our favorite foods, we want to immediately see the results. And, this diet may just need a little patience. In the first two weeks you can lose 4.5 to 9 kg.

Unfortunately, rapid weight loss does not last long. According to Peachy Seiden, an expert in nutrition from the International Culinary School at the Art Institute of Ohio, limiting carbohydrate intake causes you to lose water content in the first two weeks, before weight loss begins to slow. Because of the loss weight is actually water weight, easy to make it back. Consequently, maintaining weight loss without the carbs will not survive for long time, even for some people it won’t survive less than a year.

“Not eating carbs means you also lose the fiber, all nutrients, and antioxidants that fight disease, which is contained in carbohydrates,” said Dr Brill.

Instead, you replace carbohydrates with protein and high fat. It was indeed more comfortable on the tongue, but both these nutrients are not a good strategy for controlling weight in the long term and also the risk of illness. High protein intake will force the kidneys to absorb all the extra proteins. Too much protein will also increase the erosion of calcium from bone.

3. Smarter than counting calories

Actually the smart action is keeping balance between counting calories and carbohydrates consumed in a timely manner. Both experts agree that calorie counting is most reliable, but counting carbohydrate intake is also important. Please note that the key to successful weight loss is not to consume too few calories. Eating too little will make you some food cravings, slow metabolism, and cause malnutrition in the long term.

When you’re counting calories, you can still apply carbo diet, as long as you choose right carbo type. The examples of good carbo, or complex carbohydrates with low to moderate glycemic index, are wholemeal bread, cereals, beans, and peas.

4. Make healthy eating as lifestyle
No matter whatever diet you choose, your ultimate goal is to make the diet (in terms of healthy eating) into your lifestyle. Low-calorie diet in combination with good diet carbo must be followed by activity calories burned through exercise each day. In this way, you can have normal body weight and more durable, said Dr. Brill.

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