Benefits of Extra Sleeping on Weekends

woman sleepingWhen you wake up on Monday but was not fit and lack of concentration, maybe you do not get enough sleep on the weekends. Extra sleep on weekends contribute to improve brain performance during the next week.

A health study which is publised on Sleep Journal concluded that people who sleep more on weekends has performed better than people who slept less on weekends. Extra sleep time on weekends is needed to increase brain energy, sharpen alertness and attention after a week of sleep restricted. Scientists also warn, staying up all night on weekends will disrupt brain performance significantly in the next week.

Dr. David Dinges, Chief of Division of Sleep and Chronobiology at the University of Pennsylvania, U.S., says, “Two hours of sleep time during the weekend gives additional benefits to improve concentration and alertness,” he said, as published in the Telegraph. “In essence, the recovery of sufficient importance to overcome the effects of limited sleep for a week in the brain.”

In a different study, the scientists found, the most effective time to sleep is seven hours. Research to 30 thousand adults found that people with sleep time less than five hours has cardiovascular disease includes heart attacks, strokes and angina two times higher than people who get enough sleep. However, you need to know that sleep more than nine hours daily is not good. It can raise the risk of chronic disease. Thus, the ideal sleep time is between 7-9 hours per day.

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