6 Tips How to Build Strong Bones

healthyfoodWhen started in old age, women experience the threat of more bone loss. Women aged 35 years and over had to be selective when it comes to eat, especially foods that can build healthy bones.

Dr. Maoshing Ni, author of the book the Second Spring describes 6 easy ways to build strong bones that can be applied to anyone else before the bone density lost due to osteoporosis

1. Get calcium from whole grains
Most people choose the product derived from milk and beef for calcium needs. But Dr. Maoshing said protein and calcium content in cow’s milk causes high acid levels in the blood. The effect is more calcium lost from the body than you obtained when drinking milk.

Protein molecules in milk are larger than the molecules a human digestive system is meant to handle, so the immune system may reject them as foreign, or allergenic. That’s why many people who have fatigue, decreased ability to concentrate and have excess mucus when drinking milk.

Some people who do not have the enzymes, like lactase, which is used to digest milk sugar; for theme, consuming milk causes stomach pain, diarrhea, abdominal carbonated up. The best way to get calcium than from milk is the taking of seeds, nuts, or green leaves.

2. Consumption of orange
Calcium and Vitamin D is good for bone health. Calcium is used to build and maintain bone density, while vitamin D is needed because the body can not absorb calcium without vitamin D.

Cow’s milk is often heralded as the best food for strong bones. But new research suggests that the body can absorb calcium and vitamin D from milk as easy as orange juice. Orange juice is rich in vitamin C contains antioxidants that help the absorption of calcium into the body.

But you should remember that orange juice contains acetic acid which can erode tooth enamel, you should not brush teeth immediately, wait for an hour after drinking orange juice.

3. Sunbathing at the right time
Sunbathing before 9 o’clock in the morning or after 4 pm so the body needs to produce vitamin D. But it is also important to avoid exposure to sunlight is too much as it can cause premature aging and even the threat of skin cancer, so it is important to pay attention when sunbathing.

4. Reduce Drink Soda
Drinking carbonated beverages can satisfy your thirsty especially when the sun was blazing. Sometimes people choose diet sodas to avoid high calories in the hope not to gain weight. But you know, the problem of soft drinks including diet is not merely a problem of calories you safe? Carbonated beverages can deplete calcium in bones because they contain phosphoric acid. If you feel thirsty, It’s better you drink carbonated mineral water with a slice of orange added. It’s more safe for the bones.

5. Choose Supplements correctly
When you’ve entered the age of 35 years, take the right calcium supplements. Make sure you take calcium carbonate, the easiest type to absorb, because many forms are not really bio-available. It must also be formulated with magnesium, preferably 1,200 mg of calcium to 600 mg of magnesium, and you will need trace amounts of boron, copper, zinc and vitamin B3 (often included in your daily multivitamin/mineral pill). Liquid calcium citrate-containing base is the right choice because it can be added to the juice drinks. Remember to take your calcium in several doses throughout the day, as the body cannot absorb it all at once.

6. Sorting of minerals which can make bones stronger
Besides calcium, magnesium, and vitamin D, minerals are also important for bone formation. Unfortunately, the content of minerals such as boron, manganese, copper, zinc and vitamin K is often overlooked. And this mineral acts as a cofactor (essential element) in the process of bone development.

Boron reduces calcium loss in urine. Boron is found in fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds. Vitamin K is found in green leafy vegetables which proved essential for protein building blocks of bone. Daily intake of good minerals is 10 mg boron, manganese 5 mg, 5 mg copper, 25 mg zinc and 150 mg of vitamin K. Make sure your daily multivitamin containing these minerals.

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