5 Benefits of Omega 3 You Needs to Know

omega-3-fishOmega-3 content in fish, supplements, vegetables and milk is the best choice If you want to choose healthy fats. Consuming these foods is a great way to overcome health problem. Omega 3 is the best type of fat to be a part of your healthy living. Here is benefits of omega-3 content:

1. Fight Pain
How does omega 3 help to overcome the pain? Researchers at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center found that nearly two-thirds of patients with chronic neck and back pain successfully overcome the problem by consuming this oil. After the anti-pain pill form of fish oil pills, pain can be improved within 20-30 days. This is one of the functions of omega 3 which has the ability to fight inflammation.

How do you get it? No need to consume fish oil pills, said Dr. Joseph C Maroon of the University of Pittsburgh. Only by consuming sea water fish like salmon and bloating as well as fish from the lake, the content of omega-3 to overcome the pain can be obtained.

2. Preventing Depression
How can Omega 3 help to overcome depression? As we know some other form of DHA omega-3 is working to help performance and fat production in the chemical process. Usually, people are often depressed due to lack of DHA.

The researchers believe that supplements containing DHA may be more subtle so that it can be more effective as an alternative to overcome depression (antidepressant).

3. Slim Your Body
How can Omega 3 help to streamline the body? Your mood could change if the diet can not miss seeing brownies. This can frustrate efforts to lose weight.

“But the omega 3 can help stabilize your mood,” says Douglas Bibus researchers and scientists from the Academy of Health at the University of Minnesota. It also has recommended that those who seek to consume the body slim high-quality supplements for 30 days. “If after trying you have not seen any changes, add a dose,” he suggested.

4. Respiratory relief
Omega 3 may help reduce inflammation associated with asthma. Recent research from Indiana University said the study, the patients who consumed fish oil can help to control body movements better than to go on a diet to reduce portions.

5. Maintaining Heart Health
In addition to fighting inflammation, omega-3 can lower blood pressure and reduce fat mass. Besides omega 3 also can help fight diabetes. Diabetes is a strong component, which leads to more risk of developing heart disease. Omega 3 helps lower the blood cells of sugar, the key to avoiding diabetes.

How do you get the omega 3? Eat food crops such as walnuts, spinach, arugula, avocado, and canola oil, and soy products from materials that contain unsaturated fats like to know. They have a form of omega-3 called the ASN which can help prevent heart disease.

Eating fish twice a week can also help prevent heart disease. And if you like eggs can also to prevent heart disease, because eggs also contain omega 3.

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