10 Tips How to Get Slim Faster and Healthy

weightlossWe often hear that there are many people who eat little portion, but their weight kept going up. Meanwhile, many people who eat a lot having no problem with their weight gain. This phenomenon happen because weight gain is influenced your BMR (basal metabolic rate). The lower your basal metabolic rate (BMR), the slower your body burns calories and tend to store fat easily. To increase the BMR, here are few tips that you can try,

1. Eat early
Remember, always breakfast to supply energy needs. Focus your menu on low fat, high fiber, protein, and complex carbohydrates. A diet like this will not quickly make your hungry. In contrast, fatty food is not enough to satisfy tongue and stomach because your body consider fat as energy source that is used only during an emergency.

2. Do not make yourself hungry
Do not just cut calories needs. Because, the body will think that this drastic reduction in calories as sign of upcoming of famine and then BMR was decreased. As a result, despite eating less, weight never dropped.

3. Add protein
The amount of energy to digest protein is higher compared with the energy to digest carbohydrates. to give this extra energy add meat, tofu, and soybeans in your menu.

4. Choose Aerobic
Aerobic exercise including walking, bicycling, or swimming. The benefit is increase the BMR immediately. Weight training also has a calorie burning effect that could be felt several hours after exercise.

5. Do not forget weight training
Train the muscle with weight training two to three times a week. Half a kilogram of muscle burns nine times more calories than a pound of fat. Regular weight training in a cool spot to raise the body temperature can also raise your metabolic rate at rest up to 9 percent. Not bad, right? You just sit back while burning calories.

6. Sports prior to menstruation
For women, regular exercise two weeks before menstruation can burn about 30 percent fat. Because exercise tend to be better performance at the final menstrual period, when ovarian hormone secreted high.

7. Enough Drinking Water
Dehydration makes body’s metabolism inefficient. Lack of water causes the body temperature down so that your metabolism down and your body will store fat to increase the temperature.

8. Vitamin B Supplements
Vitamin B helps the body use energy, supports the adrenal and thyroid systems, and to encourage energy production inside and outside the cell. Maybe you need vitamin B supplement if your MRL too low.

9. Nutrition for thyroid
Thyroid is important for metabolism. Do not forget to consume rich iodine foods, such as salmon, tuna and seaweed. Also, consume vitamin B, C, E, niacin, and zinc which you can find in red rice, avocado, and orange.

10. Eat Spicy food
The content of capsaicin in chili peppers can temporarily increase your metabolism. This Capsaicin will force your body to produce more adrenaline that will accelerate the fat burning process.

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